gift from a dancer


It was Kahiko night at the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival and as I was standing outside during intermission a light rain began to fall. Here in Hawaiʻi we say “rain is a blessing” and it was unusual as the whole week leading up to this night had been hot and dry. Right then as I stood in the rain, a dancer fresh from the stage came up to me and gave me this Kupeʻe. it was a special gift from a stranger. There is something magical about Hilo during this week that connects everyone in the spirit of aloha and the hula.

Left photo: Miss Aloha Hula with my vendor neighbor, Sharon, of Lehua Jewelry. Middle photo: Verna and I wearing Palapala Designs. Verna Keoho and her brother, artist Edwin Kayton, are vendor neighbors across from me. Right photo: daughter, Lisa, helping customers in my booth.

miss aloha hulaverna and mebooth peeps


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