Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou 2016!

wild kalo

The aloha spirit is known as a quality within Hawaii. It is a way of interacting with each other in our community. We that live here have a “I see you” not “Iʻm out for myself” way of thinking that translates into empathy and politeness in everyday life and embraces both visitor and Kamaʻaina.

Hawaiian culture also has a special relationship with nature. We live closely and in tune with the ocean and land. Many plants, animals, fish and even na pohaku (stones) are given god-like or human embodiments (kinolau) or are personal gods (aumakua).

These two important Hawaiian values help us appreciate the beauty around us and within us everyday.

Mahalo to all who bought my blockprint art in 2015! Mahalo to my ohana and friends who continue to inspire and support me! Imua 2016!

me ke aloha pumehana,


The above photo was taken recently on a hike near Hana, Maui. I found a patch of wild Kalo growing along a stream backlit by the sun.


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