Clothing and Accessories

Created in small seasonal batches, our Blockprint Clutches are available in limited quantities at shows. Go to the page to view some of the styles we make.

Blockprint Clutches

Also made in limited runs, you can find our Hele Bag (our on-the-go bag; “hele” means “to go” in Hawaiian) at shows around the islands.

Hele Bags

Our popular Cotton Scarves are lightweight, crinkly scarves that feature varied blockprints.

Cotton Scarves

Our Men’s Tees come in an assortment of styles and colors. We make Men’s Medium to 3X but do not always have every size and color in stock.

Men’s Tees

We have a constantly rotating selection of women’s tops, tunics and dresses. We handprint in small runs and sizes, colors and styles constantly vary.

Women’s Tees

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