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At Palapala Designs, we create a variety of original hand printed table runners in contemporary colors. Table runners are 6 ft long and feature block prints that run down the length.

We’ve created the perfect contemporary Hawaiian dining room accents; in addition, our customers have told us they also make beautiful linings for shelves, display cases, and more!

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Table Runners:

Maile Table Runner (Natural)

Maile Table Runner (Olive Green)

Drink Mats, our coasters, come in a variety of styles and feature smaller blockprints. They are approximately 4.5 inches across, are sold in pairs and are sewn with liner layers to stop condensation from reaching the table. Please see the Drink Mat page for our current selection!


Last but not least, our popular Tea Towels come in a variety of prints and colors.

Cotton Tea Towels

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