Drink Mats

At Palapala Designs, we create a variety of drink mats that feature smaller blockprint carvings. Each drink mat is individually hand printed and sewn here on Maui. Every style is made with thick liner layers so that condensation doesn’t soak through to the table! All are approximately 4.5 inch square, are sold in pairs, and add a nice touch to any home.

This is just a gallery page. If you wish to purchase drink mats in our online store please click here and scroll down to the drink mat section.

Here are the drink mats we currently have in stock:

The Niho Mano (shark tooth) design is traditionally used to decorate kapa cloth, and is celebrated in this drink mat.

Our Hapuʻu Drink Mat comes in green on black. It features a portion of a frond and young fiddleheads.


Our Na Hulu Ali’i drink mat features the traditional feather staffs and cloak of Hawaiian royalty. It comes in taupe brown with a grey blockprint.

ʻOlena, a plant in the ginger family with stunning flowers, is the focus of this block print. It comes in chocolate brown with a pink print. CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK


Limu Kala comes in yellow-gold paint with a grey background. Limu kala is a type of seaweed that is important in Hawaiian culture and was used in forgiveness rituals.


The Ohe (bamboo) Drink Mat comes in a gray-olive print:


The Heʻe Nalu (surfing) Drink Mats come in brown on a yellow background:


Our Kohola (whale) drink mat comes in gray on a black background:

kohola drink mat

The Malolo (flying fish) drink mat comes in pairs of navy and white:


The Mokihana is a native shrub with small berries. It features a green print on dark purple fabric:


The Hula Drink Mat features several hula instruments printed in brown on a textured light tan background.


The Ukulele Drink Mat is printed in reddish brown on a yellow-orange background and the design features an ukulele with a lei and hibiscus blossom.


The Koʻa (Coral) Drink Mat comes in orange and aqua:



Our green Kalo Drink Mat features a dark olive-colored kalo leaf printed on a lighter green fabric.


One of our bestsellers, the Ulu Leaf coaster, features a breadfruit leaf printed in varying gradations. It comes in olive green:


Laua’e is a Hawaiian fern, known for its beautiful green leaves and the spores that often dot the leaves. It comes in tan and white:

Honu ʻEa, or hawksbill sea turtle, drink mats are available in green and navy:


The Pueo, or Hawaiian Owl, Drink Mat Set comes in rust with dark brown blockprint:


Palapala Designs Drink Mats can be washed in cold water and air dried. 

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